Çanakkale Naval Museum was established on the 67th Anniversary of March 18, 1915 Naval Vidctory as a complex building in the city centre to serve the need for informing the visitors about 1915 Çanakkale Naval Battle and Campaign.

In addition to the existent collection of artillery in Çimenlik Fortress, materials, donated by people and private foundations were gathered and used to enrich this collection. During this enterprise, a team of volunteers also searched the battlefield. Furthermore, archives and inventory lists were thoroughly researched.

The construction of the exhibition halls were arrayed in accordance with the criterium of modern museology in 2000 and project activities besides are continuously practiced in this concept.

The library in the complex of the museum was rearranged as Çanakkale Specialization Library in 2002 and with the order of Çanakkale Strait Command, documents about 1915 Naval Battle and Campaign were initiated to be gathered and have been continued since then.

TCG Nusret Mine Layer, which was constructed as a replica of the original ship in Gölcük Shipyard, has been serving in the museum since March 8, 2011.

The museum ship ACAR, which was used by Atatürk as an excursion boat, has been started to be exhibited since April 18, 2018.