Uniforms, Medals and Orders

Apart from the weapon collection, uniforms used in Çanakkale Battles and buttons, belts and calpacs, which are the inseparable parts of a uniform, form the other parts of our collection. Medals and orders awarded to Turkish officers by foreign governments are also of particular importance in our collection.


The uniforms in the museum collection need to be taken into consideration with its parts which are epaulets, uniform buttons, uniform belts and calpacs. One of the most valuable pieces in the museum is the pitch helmet inscribed by Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK. The inscription translates as “Captured during the reconnaissance by the 3rd Battalion of the 57th Regiment on the night of May 17-18, 1915. Mustafa Kemal, Commander of the19th Division”.

Other significant items are the ceremonial uniform, the epaulets, sword belt, calpac and hat that belonged to First Lieutenant Hasan Tahsin who fell during the Battle of Krithia and the sword and the food plate that belonged to First Lieutenant Hasan Hulusi Effendi.


The museum collection consists of First World War Medals, War of Independence Medals, medals awarded to Turkish officers by foreign governments and medals, orders and victory ribbons of the 19th Century granted for loyalty, merit, gallantry and distinguished services.

Medal of the First World War, commonly known as Medal of Çanakkale Battles, were indeed awarded to all troops served in all fronts during the First World War for their gallantry and services.