The Minelayer TCG Nusret (Museum Ship)

The original Minelayer Nusret was ordered in 1910 and upon its construction in Germany, she joined the Ottoman Navy in 1913. Her length was 40 m and her width was 7.5 m. Her propulsion was two vertical triple expansion steam engines and was able to make 15 knots.

The Minelayer Nusret played an important role in the Çanakkale Naval Victory of March 18, 1915. The Minelayer Nusret, under the command of Lieutenant Hakkı Bey, formed a new line of mines by laying 26 mines parallel to Erenkeui Bay in the morning of March 8, 1915 with great secrecy.

At 10.00 am in the morning of March 18, 1915 the Allied Fleet started forcing the strait. The Allied battleships, being forced to make instant manoeuvre against the heavy artillery fire opened from Turkish coastal batteries, hit the mines laid by the Minelayer Nusret. As a result, the British Battleships OCEAN and IRRESISTIBLE and the French Battleship BOUVET sank. Besides, Allied Battleships GAULOIS, SUFFREN and INFLEXIBLE were severely damaged along with many other battleships.

TCG NUSRET was constructed as a replica of the original ship by the Naval Forces Command in 2009-2010 and entered service in 2011 in order to commemorate her memory that changed the fate of Çanakkale Naval Battles and to inform our visitors about the facts of Çanakkale Naval Victory. Among many museum ships all around the world, TCG NUSRET distinguishes herself from them by serving as a sailing museum ship fitted with modern navigational instruments, and is thus one of the rarest museums in the world.