Nusret Mine Layer


 The original TCG Nusret Mine Layer was built in Kiel, Germany in 1912 and joined the Ottoman Navy in 1915.

 It took great part on March 18, 1915 Naval Victory by laying 26 mines parallel to the shore of Erenköy Bay on  March 8, 1915. Being on duty for 42 years, she was decommisioned from the Turkish Navy in 1955.

 On the ship, you can listen to the story of TCG Nusret by means of visual and audial exhibition methods and presentations. On the lower deck, the historical process of Naval Battle is demonstrated with panels and video presentations. Also relics from the battle, certificates belonging to Nazmi Bey and newspapers telling about Dardanelles Battle published in Ottoman Turkish and Latin Alphabet are displayed.

On the upper deck, visitors can see the mines on their rails which were built according to their original design.