Mehmet Ali LAGA Collection

97 pieces of paintings consisting of coloured dry paint, crayon and water colour paintings drawn by Captain Mehmet Ali LAGA who served as a military painter during Çanakkale Battles, are exhibited on the second floor of Lieutenant Commander Nazmi Bey Art Gallery. Being a real eye-witness of the period, the artist reflected the events in his paintings in a manner of a war correspondent.

Mehmet Ali LAGA, by portraying the war in details made a great contribution in terms of obtaining information about the region’s geography and displaying the destructive power of war.

Especially his note; “exposed to a shrapnel piece” leads the visitors to ponder about the harsh conditions the painter was in and shows the terrifying side of war.

These valuable drawings were included in the exhibition areas of Çanakkale Naval Museum Command in 1982 and have been under the service of our visitors and researchers in our museum since.