Inner Fortress

1st Floor The famous photo of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK taken by Colonel Haydar Mehmet ALGANER in Düztepe and the original camera which the photo was taken with, are exhibited on this floor as our most valuable items and with models and videos, information about Çanakkale Battles are given.

The periscope rifle in the exhibition, which was used in Çanakkale Battles, is among our rare items. On the second floor, in the periscope observation area, our visitors can experience the working principle of this device. There is an area where our visitors can witness the violence of the battle by seeing examples of colliding bullets.

Also there is a HANDS-ON exhibition area where both our handicapped visitors and children can interactively learn and discover through touching the replicas of some of the items exhibited in the museum.

2nd Floor On the second floor, information about the Turkish Naval History, trench life and hospital ships can be found. There is also a hall designed for the Great Turkish Sailor Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha (Barbarossa). The 4 journals written by the Mine Group Commander, Lieutenant Commander Nazmi Bey during Çanakkale Battles, are among the most valuable items in our museum.

 3rd Floor On this floor, the painting collection of Fehmi Korkut ULUĞ can be seen. The collection vividly reflects the period beginning from Çanakkale Battles until the end of the War of Independence.