Çimenlik Fortress

Çimenlik Fortress


Kale-i Sultaniye was constructed by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror for the defence of Istanbul in the years 1461-1462 as one of the two fortresses built at the narrowest point of the Strait and since then it has become the nucleus of the city. It was restored when necessary and especially in the 19th Century, cannon emplacements and armament depots contemporary with the age were built after demolishing the west ramparts parallel with the strait. Later, it served as a place of dispatching troops and administration of Central Defence Group during Çanakkale Naval Battle in 1915.

 The Fortress Yard

 In this area, near the gun powder depot, there are Fatih and Abdulaziz Mosques called with the name of the Ottoman Sultans, who had them built in their own period.

In the yard, beside the cannons belonging to different nations which were used in Çanakkale Battles, some other cannons used in different periods are also exhibited.

 In the fortress yard one can also see the unexploded 38 cm shell fired from Queen Elizabeth, the strongest battleship of the British Navy on  March 18, 1915, still in the hole it created at the northern wall after being fired.

 Inner Fortress:

On the first floor, the process of the land battles are told with the usage of panels, models and videos while displaying various guns and martial materials used in Gallipoli Naval Battle and furthermore, for the children there is a presentation and a questionnaire done by cartoon characters.

On the second floor, there is a theatrical performance held in artificial fronts which is useful to compare the martial facilities of both sides during the war. In addition to this, the development of Turkish Naval War History is being exhibited.