Lieutenant Commander Nazmi Bey Picture and Exhibition Hall

This three-storey building constructed in 1927 has the architectural characteristics of early republic period.

At the main entrance the inscriptions “Müteahhid Nafiz Nuri Muhendis1927” (Contractor Nafiz Nuri Mühendis,1927) on the right and “Mimar Arif Süleyman – 1927” (Architect Arif Süleyman, 1927) on the left can be seen.

Prior to its becoming the Naval Museum Lieutenant Commander Picture and Exhibition Hall, in 1982, the building was used as the headquarters of the Dardanelles Fortifications and Naval Command as well as lodgings for military personnel.

On the first floor detailed information about Çanakkale Naval and Land battles can be found.

 The upper floor is designed as a picture gallery where 97 pieces of drawings, ink, pastel, water-colour paintings by the military artist of the fourth period, Mehmet Ali Laga can be seen.