Other Important Items Exhibited At The Outdoor Exhibition Areas

Launched in December 1915, 37 meters long German Submarine UB-46 was assigned in the First World War to carry out patrol duties around İstanbul. UB-46 sank many ships during this duty; but on December 7, 1916 after hitting a mine near Kilyos, she sank. 16 meters long bow section of the submarine was found in Akpınar Village in Kemerburgaz area in 1993 and is still exhibited in our museum.

The paravane (mine float), which was used by the Allied Navy during mine sweeping operations in Çanakkale Battles, was found off the shore of Tenedos, in 2011. The paravane, mounted on the prow side of the ship at that period, enabled the mine to break free and rise to the surface by cutting the mine wire with its cutting edges.

The wagon, which was used in the early 20th Century in Bosphorus to transport underwater barricade rescue equipment and the original barricade nets are also exhibited in our museum.